PET molds

Our flexibility is your advantage: We produce PET preform molds for all known machine types thereby offering you a high measure of independence. As innovation drivers in the branch, MHT permanently expands the maximum available number of cavities.

Maximum cavity numbers

Cavity For machine types
192 Netstal PET-LINE 6000
160 Husky HyPET 500, G-Line 600
144 Netstal PET-LINE 5000
128 Netstal PET-LINE 3500, Husky HyPET 400, Sacmi IPS 400
112 KraussMaffei PETForm 350
96 KraussMaffei PETForm 320, Husky HyPET 300
72 KraussMaffei PETForm 300, HyPET 225, Netstal PL 2400, Sacmi IPS 220D, Niigon 300 PET
60 Netstal PET-LINE, KraussMaffei PETForm 175
48 Husky HyPET 120, Niigon 150 PET

Our standards

  • Precision processing
  • Balance and durability
  • Perfectly balanced hotrunner system
  • High availability
  • Short cycle times

Molds for Sacmi systems

The new and ambitious player on the PET market: For Sacmi systems we deliver molds with up to 128 cavities. They are compatible with Husky machines. 

Maximum cavity numbers:  
IPS 400 128
IPS 220 72

Molds for Husky systems

Those desiring to be more independent of systems suppliers are at the right address with MHT. With our upgrade set we are able to increase the output of Husky machines by up to 50 percent – without modifications to the machine. The latest highlight of the upgrade family is our 160-cavity mold for the HyPET 500 and G-Line 600.

Maximum cavity numbers:  
HyPET 500 / G-Line 600 160
HyPET 400 128
HyPET 300 96
HyPET 225 / G-Line 300 72
HyPET 120 48

Molds for Netstal Systems

They’re the greatest: We construct molds for Netstal machines with up to 192 cavities which are of particular interest to markets having extremely high output quantities.

Maximum cavity numbers:  
PET-LINE 6000 192
PET-LINE 5000 144
PET-LINE 3500 / 4000 128
PET-LINE 2400 72
PET-LINE 2000 60

Molds for KraussMaffei systems

MHT was the first supplier ever to present a vertical PET preform system in 1998. Since then we have become the most important contact partner for operators of KraussMaffei machines and are able to supply them with molds having up to 112 cavities. Vertical offers a decisive advantage: the force of gravity functions collaboratively on removal of the preform.

Maximum cavity numbers:  
PETForm 350 112
PETForm 320 96
PETForm 300 72
PETForm 175 60

Molds for Niigon systems

New machines from a well-known pioneer of the PET preform industry. We design high precision molds for Niigon systems as well.  

Maximum cavity numbers:  
Niigon 150 PET 48
Niigon 225 PET 72
Niigon 300 PET 72
Niigon 400 PET 128
Niigon 500 PET 144

Tools for other injection molding systems

We have also successfully built tools for the following types of machine which have been put into operation.

  • Arburg
  • BMB
  • Milacron
  • Engel
  • Negri-Bossi
  • Sumitomo
  • Sipa